Video Update: Reign (1×11): What I’ve Done

Video for the Reign episode 1×11, set to the track What I’ve Done by Linkin Park.

Video Update: Final Fantasy XIII

With Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII being around the corner, here are two recent videos I created for the series. Numb is a general tribute to the trilogy, while Lost in the Echo is a tribute to the main character Lightning.

Video Update: Reign: Invincible

A new fan video has been uploaded to my YouTube channel. This one is for the television show Reign set to the track Invincible by All Good Things.

Gamers: A Lust for Violence?

It’s a rather sweeping generalization about gamers. Lust for Violence. Is it true? Do gamers have this thirst for violence? It’s a topic that has come up recently and a line said by someone who represents the people in politics. Which despite the words they have chosen to use about gamers, means the gamers as well… we are not second class citizen’s. Gamers have been told we must be silent and listen. They are right. We are wrong. We have an obvious lust for violence simply because of a hobby.

I speak as a gamer. I do not speak for all gamers, I would never claim to but you politicians have decided to speak for us. You have told us how we think, how we feel and why we do what we do. They aren’t the only ones however. The NRA (National Rifle Association) blames video games for violence, even using examples such as Mass Effect 3.

Interesting choice NRA. Let’s take a look at your example. When leaving Earth, Shepard witnesses the death of a young boy by the Reapers. This is a thought and moment that haunts him or her the rest of the game. Wait, what? Isn’t Shepard some crazy, psycho path, murderer? Sure you can play a Renegade but at the end of the day, Shepard is still a hero. A Renegade just likely doesn’t go about it in the most practical way but in the end they still save lives.

Many games whether the controllable character uses a gun or uses magic to toss fireballs are heroes. Not all games even involve combat of any sort. Many popular games are music related such as the many dance games. Does this mean those that game simply to play dance games or something like Mario have a lust for violence? I highly doubt that.

Games aren’t the first target to ever been had. It’s the popular target now, but in the past books have often been the target of such backlash. Violence is in many media forms whether film, television, reading or gaming. Gamers are not some violent cult, we simply all have a hobby we enjoy all on a variety of levels. Some of us just want to dance with friends, some of us want to get our Dwarf to max level and get to raiding in the World of Warcraft. Perhaps we want to download the latest mod for Skyrim or save the galaxy in Mass Effect.

We do not believe these game worlds are real. We have no lust for violence. We play to have fun, to forget, to just do something we enjoy… something we are good at. Politicians are looking for something there, that simply put just isn’t.

I’ll continue doing what I do. Saving some fantasy world from a Blight, protecting species against the Reapers or doing events in Guild Wars 2. We are who we are and that isn’t a bad thing.

Adventures in Guild Wars 2: Learning to Fly

There is much you can do in the mass world in Guild Wars 2. Explore a dungeon, take a part fighting a world boss or… learning to fly? Well it’s not probably what you are thinking or hoping. No you don’t have wings nor do you have flying mounts in Guild Wars 2. So what is it I mean? When I mean fly I technically mean the best places or in this case place to jump. While the end result is always the same (death), it’s actually a weirdly amazing way to kill pointless time.

If you want a break from filling in those hearts or taking part in world events look no further than Rata Sum. Any of the corners of this city make for wonderful choices to “learn to fly”. All you need is your character and the will to jump off the edge of the city. It’s best to go for any of the four corners on the very top. For an added boost if you can cast a speed buff on yourself… trust me, do it. Why? With a speed buff and jumping from the right spot you will literally run down the side of the city down to the ground below.

Yes, this is an absolutely pointless blog entry related to Guild Wars 2. In the future, far more serious ones related to world bosses and events will be posted.

Game Review: Bleach: Soul Resurreccion

Bleach: Soul Resurreccion is the North American release of the PlayStation 3 game Bleach: Soul Ignition. This game was released on August 2nd, 2011 by NIS America.

Story: 5 out of 10
Combat: 8 out of 10
Visuals / Environment: 7 out of 10
Voice Acting: 10 out of 10
Replay Value: 7 out of 10
Overall: 7 out of 10


If you have read or watched Bleach the story in Bleach: Soul Resurreccion will not add much to what you already know. The story covers the familiar Arrancar arc from Bleach in a much faster fashion than the series itself. The story is condensed to 13 playable chapters which includes fights against: Yammy, Ulquiorra, Harribel and of course Aizen himself. While the Arrancar arc is hardly a bad story, the game bring brings nothing new, this will likely take away from possible replay value. Choosing to skip the story option of the game and move straight to missions is also not an option. In order to unlock characters and certain level missions you must complete the final chapter of the story. That being said, the story is quick to breeze through and will likely take little time for most gamers.


The combat in Bleach: Soul Resurreccion consists mainly with the use of the triangle, square, circle and x buttons. Using those buttons and sometimes a combination will unleash various attacks that will depend on which character you are currently controlling. Some of these attacks will deplete your spiritual pressure, some will deplete it completely, so often it is a battle of controlling you resources. Perhaps the most unique feature in the combat system is that of Ignition Attacks. Once the ignition gauge is full you can enter this state, increasing the strength of your current skills and giving you access to one devastating ignition attack. The attack like any other of course depends on which character you are in control of, but no matter the character you can count on it doing significant damage to the enemy.

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Mod of the Moment: Ser Gilmore companion NPC – Fully Voiced

Rating: 9 out of 10
Download: Dragon Age Nexus

If you’ve played through the Human Noble Origin in the BioWare game Dragon Age: Origins you know of Ser Gilmore. He is a brief companion for the future male or female Warden during the Human Noble story. Sadly, he does not rejoin you after the origin in later stages of the game. This beautifully created mod however fixes that for those who would love to have Ser Gilmore fight at their Warden’s side. Not only does it add Ser Gilmore as a possible companion in combat, but those fireside chats you’ve come to love with other companions are also available for Ser Gilmore.

Ser Gilmore is a fan-made fully voiced companion for Dragon Age: Origins. During your fireside chats you will learn more about that companion from the Human Noble Origin and if you are a human noble? Well you even have the chance to have a past romance history with him or just spark a new one. That doesn’t mean you have to be a human noble to romance Ser Gilmore however. Just like Zevran or Leliana, Ser Gilmore can be romanced by all, this includes by both sexes. Not only does Ser Gilmore have fireside chats for you and a possible romance, but he is compatible and has his own unique stories with many content adding mods. So with Ser Gilmore you can explore new dungeons, meet new people and take on new quests not normally found in Dragon Age: Origins.

Now why does this mod only have a 9 out of a 10? While it’s worth a high score, the voicing may throw off some. Just keep in mind this is a fan-made mod with no budget like that of the game. It’s a beautiful mod that certainly adds to the experience of the game and one I cannot imagine not having in my game at this point. Hats off to Immortality for a wonderfully crafted mod.

Blog: If You Were A Character…

It isn’t uncommon to be asked what character you are most like, I’m sure most have answered this question a time or two in their lifetime. In my case I’m often told that I’m like Spencer Hastings from the ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars. Yes, I do know it was first a book series, but this comes from those who have not read the books and have only seen the series. Do I think I am like Spencer Hastings? I suppose in some ways I can see the similarities. However, when it comes down to it I wouldn’t consider myself to be like any one character on television, in books or on film. I suppose however if I ended this post there, it would be a rather short blog entry.

While I share several traits with the sleuthing liar Spencer Hastings, I consider myself to be most like Oriana Shepard. Who is Oriana Shepard you ask? Well that is a good question. She is my character within the Mass Effect trilogy. You could call her my alter-ego, well if I was a space exploring, alien ass kicking soldier that is. While I may not exactly be able to travel in space, let alone kick any alien ass she is still the character I connect to most. The beauty of a character such as Oriana is you create them. While BioWare may be responsible for the universe and Shepard herself, the characters choices reflect a personality I have built myself.

While Oriana is hardly my only Shepard I’ve created within the series, she is the only one that was made to reflect my own personal choices in any given situation. As crazy as it might sound I would put myself in her shoes when it came to every choice. How small or big the decision was didn’t matter, every choice had to come from what I would personally do. If you’ve ever played a BioWare game you know that the games are about choices. Some may not matter in the grand scheme of things but some are meant to have a bigger impact on your character and perhaps many other characters within the game universe.

Some can be as simple as a romance, while some are far more serious in nature such as destroying an entire species. You are given many race altering decisions within the Mass Effect series. One that comes within the first game in the trilogy is to destroy the Rachni Queen and commit genocide or to let her live. Oriana made the choice to let her live, despite the possible risks of the Rachni once again falling under the control of the dangerous alien species the Reapers. Even with the history and the risks in the future, I could never bring myself to commit an act of genocide.

I could never explain every choice Oriana has made during the three games along the series, other than to say they are all the choice I would have made if I was indeed in her shoes. This is not something I could say about Spencer Hastings or any other character in any franchise or series. Perhaps this is why I enjoy video games that give you the freedom to make choices, as it is the one time you can truly say you are like the character.

So which character are you most like? Is it in a video game like myself or do you have yourself a television alter-ego? It’s always a fun question to ask yourself.